Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Kim and Amanda from Corporate Recruiters on a critical and urgent role we needed to fill. Kim and Amanda responded quickly and efficiently by building a strong funnel of candidates, narrowing it down and finalizing the process with our candidate of choice. We have completed the cycle in under 2 months from start to a signed contract. Kim and Amanda were professional and very pleasant to work with.”

Tomer Levy
VP/GM, Enterprise Imaging, Change Healthcare

“Working with Colin and Kim at Corporate Recruiters has been unlike any other search I have done in the past. Their methodical approach, and the appropriate level of engagement of all the stakeholders, produced results fairly quickly, and delivered an executive that is a great fit and a huge asset to GuardRFID. The collaboration tool that was used during the search made it easy to observe progress on a daily basis, and gave my Board and I the means to communicate our individual and collective opinions in real-time. It also helped us focus on attributes that would be a good fit for the company, rather than who had the most experience or knowledge. I highly recommend the Corporate Recruiters team to anyone searching for an executive level candidate.

Zahir Abji
President & CEO, Guard RFID Solutions Inc.

“Amanda Du Toit provided outstanding assistance to our team on a recent search engagement. After working with several members of the Corporate Recruiters team over the years, I am always positively impressed by their focus, market knowledge, reliability, and responsiveness. Amanda and her team of seasoned professionals know how to carefully assess client requirements and then execute a well-designed search process in a thorough manner. I am also confident that they treat candidates with respect during the search process, which is an important reflection of our values as an employer and another important consideration when engaging Corporate Recruiters to represent your company in the competitive marketplace for talent.

Paul Maurer
CEO, Actenum Corporation

“My personal thanks to you and your team for managing the recruitment process so professionally. Tim and Kim were great to deal with and every one of my references that had contact with them had nothing but great things to say about them.”

Rick Makos
President & CEO, Phemi

“It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you on an important senior position here at Function Point. You did exactly what you said you would do and accomplished it somewhat quicker than I had imagined. Most importantly, I believe we would not have found a person of the calibre you have brought us. Thank you for your professional assistance.”

Chris Wilson
President & CEO, Function Point

“Working with Corporate Recruiters has added tremendous value to our leadership team. They managed the recruitment process with the right level of stakeholder engagement and ultimately delivered a high caliber of candidates who are now driving results, and who are also a fantastic fit for our organization.”

James Maynard
President & CEO, Wavefront

“We used Corporate Recruiters at Recon for several high profile positions, and always with amazing results.”

Dan Eisenhardt
Founder, President & CEO, Recon Instruments (acquired by Intel)
Currently General Manager, New Devices Group, Intel

“Thank you for the great work that you and your team did. Professional, as ever. Although I expected nothing different, after having been on the other side of the Corporate Recruiters recruiting process.

It was a really great experience working with you and your team. And I’m really excited about our new hire and I’m absolutely convinced that we’ve got the right person here. This is going to be a keystone to us growing, and going forward.”

Marcus Pauli
COO, CADEX Electronics

‘I am very happy with the search we did with CRL. They have a good network and were able to show us a cross-section of candidates from both sides of the border, both Canadians and Americans. The process was thorough and resulted in a good hire, right on the timeline as estimated. We are very lucky to have hired our CEO through them.’

Bernhard Gold
Managing Director, T-Venture of America Inc.
San Francisco

“I was clearly impressed with the search. The collaborative team approach to this process was fantastic. Kim and Tim were always 24/7 available and responsive. In addition, at the end of the day, I think your team demonstrated good old fashion hard work sourcing. This is what produces results. Kim and Tim demonstrated a level of tenacity and hard work that I have not seen in other recruiters. Thanks again, and I would be happy to serve as a reference, as I would hire you again.”

John Occhipinti
Partner, Relay Ventures
Menlo Park, CA

“I appreciate the time and effort that Council has taken to successfully recruit a President for the Premier’s Technology Council (“PTC”) . . .

I understand that the recruitment process was undertaken as a pro bono contract, at no cost to the PTC, and was performed by your firm, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.

I wish to thank you, Tim Swanson and Kimberley Brooks, for your efforts in recruiting a highly qualified candidate for this role.”

Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia

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“It was a real pleasure to work with Corporate Recruiters. Their professional staff understood our needs (which were not easy and simple to fulfill), and found excellent candidates who were not only a good fit for the job description, but also a perfect fit for our company. Amanda did a great job finding the jewels for me & keeping me up-to-date with the search process. My expectations were exceeded, and I’m sure I’ll use their services again in the future.”

Antti Keinanen
VP, Software Engineering, Enbala Power Networks

“Corporate Recruiters has been my go-to recruiter for nearly 15 years now. They listen to our evolving workforce needs, and have helped us succeed by delivering high-quality candidates who hit the ground running.”

Shannon Susko
President, Subserveo
DST Brokerage Solutions

“My experience working with the team at Corporate Recruiters runs over several years – I’ve used them to hire top-notch people fitting key roles. They are informed regarding the tech market, and able to truly understand the requirements and most importantly, deliver. The process of hiring was easy and transparent – I enjoyed working with them and can highly recommend them to anyone building their technology company.”

Barry Jinks
Founder and CEO, Colligo Networks

“Our company has had a lot of transition in the past year, and thanks to Corporate Recruiters for your help in finding us some really great people. [Our new hire in] sales is also a terrific fit – just what we were needing and looking for. I am a happy camper!

Carolyn Douglas
Owner/CEO, SQBox Solutions Ltd.

“Corporate Recruiters helped us find that elusive senior executive that we’ve been diligently seeking for over 3 years. I wish I had called them earlier.”

David Gratton
CEO, Work at Play
Vancouver, BC

“Corporate Recruiters has been invaluable in helping us build our Executive Team. They were crucial in recruiting our COO, VP Engineering and other key leaders. We continue to rely on them to assist in executing our People Plan.”

Mark Schnarr
President & CEO, Alpha Technologies Ltd.
Burnaby, BC

“Corporate Recruiters’ process and reporting helped make the CEO search transparent for all Board members.”

Ian Stewart, Q.C.
Board of Directors, AERS

Candidate Testimonials

“I’d like to thank the staff at Corporate Recruiters, particularly Tim Swanson and Kim Brooks, very much for all the help you provided me throughout the CEO BCIC process. Your professional and very helpful manner made what could have been a nerve wracking experience into a pleasant one. It makes such a difference to work with professionals. Once again, I very much appreciated your assistance at all points in the process.”

Greg Caws
President and CEO
BCIC (BC Innovation Council)

“I have enjoyed a ten-year relationship with Corporate Recruiters. Our partnership has been beneficial on many fronts, even though it was not until this year that Bruce Edmond found the correct skill set, and vertical market match and placed me happily in my current Executive role. The team at Corporate Recruiters are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and their integrity is second to none. My relationship with them will continue for many years, and I would recommend anyone who is looking for professional employment in the lower mainland, start their own relationship with them today.”

Dennis Asbury
Municipal Software

“Corporate Recruiters are specialists in the technology market. Their ability to link my requirements as a candidate to my current opportunity has far exceeded my expectations. My placement here 5 years ago has led to one of the strongest steps in my career to date. I would recommend them for both candidates and recruiting companies alike.”

Brent Harvey,
Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales

“I have been impressed with the professionalism and industry knowledge of the Corporate staff. What impressed me the most was their understanding of my value proposition as a candidate. So when Tim called about this opening, I found it was a great match for my interests and strengths. Thanks Tim!”

Matthew Mintz
Strategic Alliances Response Biomedical Corporation