Q4 – Corporate Recruiters Newsletter Winter 2017

Help our CEO give away $10,000 this holiday season

Every year Don Safnuk, Corporate Recruiters’ CEO & President, offers to make a charitable donation on behalf of our clients to one of SVP Vancouver’s grantees. Don’s goal is to increase awareness of Social Venture Partners and the wonderful not-for-profits they fund and support.

We are inviting all Corporate Recruiters’ newsletter followers to select a charity from Social Venture Partners (SVP) Vancouver 2017 Investees, and Don will donate up to $10,000 collectively to these worthy non-profits.

Together, your selections will shape the scope of the donation so that it reflects the interests of the Corporate Recruiters community.

Please click here to make your selection: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2YVWZBV

SVP is a foundation that helps innovative non-profits strengthen and scale through its venture philanthropy. Don is proud to be a co-founder and past chair of the organization.

Best wishes for the holiday season!

Why SVP?

When you look around your community, what do you see?

Chances are you see some major issues. Schools struggling to make the grade. Children living in families without the means for nutritious food.  Resource strapped nonprofits. Every one a David to their particular Goliath.

At SVP, all we see is potential.

There is indeed a chasm between the challenges we face today, and the scale at which we are addressing those challenges. These problems aren’t going to solve themselves. There are no silver bullets. And throwing money at them isn’t going to make them go away. Clearly, no single person has the answer.

But what if every single person steps up to the plate?

What happens if you take the potential of every individual, connect them directly to the people working on the issues they are passionate about, and challenge them to make a difference?

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Don Safnuk | Founder, President, CEO | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

What to expect in 2018

By Don Safnuk, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.

Like most of you we are bullish about 2018. Corporate Recruiters is a natural barometer for BC’s tech community and we have never been busier. Baring a financial bubble bursting or a catastrophic global incident 2018 should be terrific!

Of course too much of a good thing too quickly can bring challenges, and we are seeing that too. The pressure to find highly skilled and affordable talent is intensifying and clearly 2018 will be even more difficult than 2017.

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Kari LaMotte | Executive Leadership, Operations, & Manufacturing Engineering | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

How’s your bench looking?

By Kari LaMotte, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.

You’ve got your budget to hire a couple of team members – excellent news! For so many managers, this starts the process of putting out a job spec on Indeed and the corporate site, and then crossing fingers that a “good one” comes knocking. With talent scarcity becoming more and more of a topic in Vancouver, and incoming resumes often scraping the bottom of the barrel, how’s a hiring manager supposed to find good talent?

Take a look at your bench and see who’s waiting in the wings. Uh oh. You haven’t been building your recruiting pipeline? Now’s the time you need that strong bench of A-level talent, ready to tap when you are ready to hire.

Creating and maintaining a bench is easy once you get into the rhythm of it. Here are a few ways to get your bench filled and ready for your next hiring event!

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Kari LaMotte | Hardware & Operations | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

Welcome our newest team member

We are pleased to introduce Ophélie Merriman, who recently joined Corporate Recruiters in the Hardware and Operations practice. Ophélie, fluent in English, Dutch, and French, recently moved to Vancouver after spending the last 5 years practicing law in Belgium. A nature enthusiast, you can find her going up and coming down mountains fully enjoying the natural beauty that BC has to offer. We hope you have an opportunity to meet her soon!

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