Q2 – Corporate Recruiters Newsletter Summer 2017

Don Safnuk | Founder, President, CEO | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

Congratulations TIA and VIATEC award winners

By Don Safnuk, Corporate Recruiters

Celebrating the successes of the companies, people and innovations that keep our province in the forefront of the international tech community is always an exciting time here at Corporate Recruiters. Seeing companies and people that we have worked so hard with recognized for their outstanding achievements never gets old.

On behalf of all of us at Corporate Recruiters, we send a hearty congratulations to all TIA and VIATEC award winners for 2017. Of course, we would be remiss if we did not highlight the achievements of the companies with whom we have partnered with through searches and placements.

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Kirk LaPointe, Vice President at Business in Vancouver Media Group

Provincial paralysis: We need an operating Government

By Kirk LaPointe, Vice President at Business in Vancouver Media Group

No matter which party emerges from the provincial paralysis and frail alliances as the supreme commanders of British Columbia, every economy and jurisdiction needs an operating government.

In the last few months, ever since the writ was dropped and even before it, the pace of government wound down. Decisions were either rushed into place to meet the scheduled election campaign or, more likely, they were deferred in the expectation that eventually operations would return to normal.

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Gavin Marshall, LLB, JD, Partner, Roper Greyell LLP

3 tips for managing HR issues

By Gavin Marshall, Partner, Roper Greyell LLP

As an employment lawyer advising businesses, many busy professionals only have time to manage HR issues on the corner of their desks. This is particularly so in smaller or mid-sized businesses, where the human resources “hat” is often worn by the Controller or Financial Operations person, who performs many functions.  The result is often not enough time, too many responsibilities and, frequently, a human resources knowledge gap that increases the frustration level for an already taxed manager.

So here are three tips to assist businesses where one person wears the “HR hat” in their organizations. The tips come from legal problems I see on my desk every day.

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Tim Swanson | Executive Leadership & Finance | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

Canada 150: A totally subjective top ten list

By Tim Swanson, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.

Happy 150 Canada and in honour of the celebration, I thought I would put together a list of 150 cool innovations. But I admit that I would lose most of the audience around the innovative release harness on the 1894 competition snowshoe at #93. So, I planned to sit down with my teenage boys and get their input and narrow this down to a nice manageable top ten list. Well, I haven’t seen my boys since they were released from the academic prison we call “high school,” so I had to settle with collaborating with my 5-year-old puggle, Chester. (Please see his Facebook page for his qualifications).

Firstly, Twitter did not make the list even though there are a lot of Canadians working there. They didn’t increase the number of character to 150 in honour of our birthday, so I am temporarily boycotting Twitter in protest. At least that’s the excuse I’m going with.

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Kari LaMotte | Sales, Marketing | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

Attract more A-players with an A-level interview process

By Kari LaMotte, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.

At the end of the day, you want to be in a position of choice of who you would like to hire onto your team. You want all the candidates you are interested in to be chomping at the bit to join, and to choose the ones that YOU actually want to bring on board. But, all too often these days, by the time the hiring manager figures out that “this one’s a keeper,” the candidate has been wooed by another company and is no longer on the table. The common reason? The candidate felt they “could make a bigger difference” in the other organization, and so they took the opportunity.

Top talent is usually not interested in being a cog, and if you start your relationship with them in the role of “we are evaluating whether you are good enough to join our organization,” you will potentially turn off those A-level individuals. A-players are looking for opportunities to flex their muscles and to make a difference. They want to be valued and have the opportunity to prove their value.

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