Q3 – Corporate Recruiters Newsletter Fall 2017

Kirk LaPointe, Vice President at Business in Vancouver Media Group

The attack on business goes too far

By Kirk LaPointe, Vice President at Business in Vancouver Media Group

So oblivious was the action, so tone-deaf the reaction, that it is difficult to believe the federal government will step back from its provocative class warfare and either rescind or alter its small business tax proposals.

When even an NDP minister suggests the attack on business goes too far—that it indulges and engages in unintended consequences—then there is little doubt that the moves by Finance Minister Bill Morneau were mistaken. When she suggests, too, that she hears there is a “shift” in the works, then you have to think the Liberals are looking for an exit strategy without too much humiliation for the misstep.

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Kari LaMotte | Sales, Marketing | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

How’s your bench looking?

By Kari LaMotte, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.

You’ve got your budget to hire a couple of team members – excellent news! For so many managers, this starts the process of putting out a job spec on Indeed and the corporate site, and then crossing fingers that a “good one” comes knocking. With talent scarcity becoming more and more of a topic in Vancouver, and incoming resumes often scraping the bottom of the barrel, how’s a hiring manager supposed to find good talent?

Take a look at your bench and see who’s waiting in the wings. Uh oh. You haven’t been building your recruiting pipeline? Now’s the time you need that strong bench of A-level talent, ready to tap when you are ready to hire.

Creating and maintaining a bench is easy once you get into the rhythm of it. Here are a few ways to get your bench filled and ready for your next hiring event!

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