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Q3 – Corporate Recruiters Newsletter Fall 2016

Paul J. Leedham, CPA, CA, CGA Partner Manning Elliott LLP

Financing Considerations for Emerging Start-Ups

By Paul J. Leedham, CPA, CA, CGA, Partner, Manning Elliott LLP
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As the saying goes, cash is king. For early stage technology companies still seeking to establish their business and build a market presence, entrepreneurs are primarily dependent on obtaining cash inflows. Beyond having raised funds from seed capital (likely from friends and family), the question arises of which particular financing alternatives are best to pursue – there are pros and cons to each alternative.

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Cheryl Slusarchuk, LLB, JD, Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP (Blakes)M&A War Stories: Pigs Get Fat and Hogs Get Slaughtered

By Cheryl Slusarchuk, LLB, JD, Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP (Blakes)
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You’ve developed your idea and made it into a business. It’s taken a lot of sweat and hard work. Maybe investment bankers are courting you. You have arrived!  Well, almost . . .  The acquisition process that starts with these conversations can be lengthy, complex, and disruptive to your business. And aggressive shareholder-driven tax reorganizations for M&A transactions must be carefully balanced against the key objective: closing the deal.

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Kirk LaPointe, Vice President at Business in Vancouver Media Group


By Kirk LaPointe, Vice President Audience and Business Development at Business in Vancouver Media Group
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Even though several sectors of our economy have had to open their processes and decisions in the 21st century to greater public scrutiny, it is safe to say that most governments and many institutions have found transparency an irritant to avoid or a nuisance to undermine.

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Kari LaMotte | Sales, Marketing | Corporate Recruiters Ltd. | Vancouver BC

Bring Your Team to ACETECH, Thanks to IRAP

By Kari LaMotte, Corporate Recruiters Ltd.
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It’s difficult enough to run a company, but add in the unique challenges of a company in acceleration mode and it can test the mettle of even the most resourceful leaders. Additionally, if you want buy-in from your team on your vision, strategy, and the execution plan to achieve it, you need to involve them in the process. To help you, ACETECH is offering a new program for IRAP clients.

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